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Nutrisoy's mission is to offer health conscious consumers high quality, tasty and nutritious soy foods. We are committed to developing and producing a first-class range of organic, plain, flavoured and ready-to-eat tofu and tempeh products.





Nutrisoy was established in Sydney, Australia in 1984 as a small family business and expanded rapidly as the consumer market for soy food grew. Still family owned and operated to this day, Nutrisoy is now a market leader in the plant-based food category, producing over 50 different varieties of tofu and tempeh products, supplying stores nationwide as well as selected international markets. Nutrisoy also engages in private label and contract manufacturing (including bulk and bespoke products), servicing a number of major retailers and foodservice companies.


At Nutrisoy, food safety is paramount. Quality assurance procedures are adhered to throughout all processing, packaging and storage operations. We consistently maintain comprehensive programs with strict quality guidelines to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and food safety. Nutrisoy is certified by HACCP, SQF, WSEP, CFMSR, and ACO, and is audited to these standards annually.


Over 35 years of consistent quality and reliable supply has forged Nutrisoy a hard earned reputation for professionalism and integrity. Food safety, quality, customer service, competitive pricing, and reliability of supply are the cornerstones of Nutrisoy's business.





Nutrisoy's site is located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Our 5,000 square metre large plant houses a first-class production system that manufactures tofu and tempeh products efficiently and hygienically. Our processes incorporate traditional methods with the latest technologies to produce the best quality and flavour without sacrificing authenticity. Nutrisoy's manufacturing/distribution facility meets the strictest standards in the industry in regard to food safety, quality control, environmental protection, and waste recycling.

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