Organic Tofu 350g
Our Certified Organic high protein firm tofu has a mild flavour and is very versatile in cooking. Use it stir-fries, grills, curries, soups and more!
Chinese Tofu 500g
Chinese style tofu which is slightly softer than normal firm tofu - perfect for use in Asian cuisine!
Tofu with Tempeh 350g
Shoyu and ginger marinated tofu with little bits of chunky tempeh - a healthy and popular choice!
Tofu Tempeh Burger 200g
A very convenient and delicious pre-cooked vegetarian patty which can be used in burgers, sandwiches, pita breads or simply served on its own with salad!
Spicy Tofu 200g
A secret blend of Asian spices gives this tofu a nice zesty flavour. It can be served straight out of the packet hot or cold so it's both convenient and delicious!
Teriyaki Tofu 200g
Tofu marinated in a mixture of Japanese soy sauce and rice wine. It's pre-cooked so it's ready to serve hot or cold!
Organic Silken Tofu 300g
A soft delicate tofu that is especially delicious in soups and desserts. It's also a versatile substitute for dairy and eggs so try it in your smoothies and baked desserts!
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